It’s spa time~! Grooming is an essential part of cat care that helps keep your feline friend healthy, happy, and looking their best. Regular grooming not only helps to remove loose fur and dirt from your cat’s coat but also provides an opportunity for you to bond with your pet. From short-haired to long-haired cats, our skilled groomers have the expertise to keep your feline friend looking and feeling their best.

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CatoraSpa Packages


Catorameow provides the best grooming service packages for your cat’s need at reasonable rates


  • Kitten below 2kg – RM30
  • Adult Shorthair – RM50
  • Adult Longhair – RM70


  • Kitten below 2kg – RM40
  • Adult Shorthair – RM60
  • Adult Longhair – RM80


  • Frontline Spot-on (Flea) – RM25
  • Dermanol Cream (Fungus) – RM10
  • Surolan Drop (Earmites) – RM5


  • Lion Cut + Medicated bath – RM180


• Degreaser Treatment – RM5-RM10
• Sanitary Trimming – RM10
• Dematt – RM5-RM50
• Whitening Treatment – RM20
• Glue Removal – RM30-RM50

• Nails Cutting – RM10
• Paws fur Trimming – RM15
• Ear, Eyes, Nose Cleaning – RM10
• Soothing Paw Moisturizer – RM5

What are included in our

Basic/ Medicated Grooming Rates

  • Nails cutting
  • Paws fur trimming
  • Ears, eyes, & nose cleaning
  • Shampoo (Normal/Flea/Fungus)
  • Massage
  • Conditioner
  • Moisturising Serum Spray
  • Blow Dry

Limited slots daily!