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Do you provide pick-up and drop-off service? How much is the price?
Yes, we do! Our Catorataxi service is for grooming & boarding customer. Pick-up time is between 9AM-10AM and drop-off service is between 6PM – 7PM. Price depends on your location, you can contact our staff to get the exact pricing. Free of Charge (FOC) for location within 5km from Catorameow.

My cat is very aggressive, can I send my cat for boarding or grooming?
For boarding we highly suggest you to consult with your vet first because aggressive cats may get overly stressed during their stay and could potentially be depressed or not eat at all… We do not want to take any risk if this happen.

As for grooming, If during an appointment it becomes apparent that your cat is not able to be groomed due to highly aggressive behavior or any other issue, you will only be charged for the single price of any services that have been completed (ie: nail trimming, bath, etc). If your cat may harm the groomer (biting/aggression), Catorameow reserves the right to refuse service.

If my cat is sick, can I send for grooming or boarding?
For the safety of other cats at Catorameow, we only accept healthy cats for boarding & grooming. Please be informed that our grooming room, hotel rooms & all equipment are sanitized thoroughly and regularly before every grooming session to avoid any exposure to infectious illness. As we have done our part, it is important that you as the cat owner/guardian must do so as well.

May I know the type of payments accepted at Catorameow?
We accept cash, debit/credit cards, and bank transfer.

How do I register for membership?
Catorameow membership can be registered at the shop. Please let our staff know at the counter. Membership price is RM5/lifetime.

Is there any discounts on products and services if I become a member at Catorameow?
You can get product discounts after register your membership. There is no price discounts for service such as boarding and grooming, but you can collect points and redeem the points later. When you spend RM1 you will get 1 point. For redemption, 100 points equal to RM1.

Is there any postage for products?
At the moment we do not do postage, but we can do delivery via Catorataxi service. We cover Shah Alam area & locations within 25km from the shop.

What is the difference betweeen basic grooming and medicated grooming?
The difference is the type of shampoo we used. Usually, basic grooming is suitable for normal skin condition whereas medicated grooming is for cats with flea/lice/fungus or any other skin related issues. You may consult with our professional groomer when sending your cats to Catorameow.

What is a degreaser treatment?
Degreaser treatment is specially designed to remove the most difficult stains, whiten yellowing areas, deal with stud tail, ear wax and ear medicine, tar from the beach, sap from trees, excessive grease and oil on the coat – even skunk musk. With degreaser treatment your pet’s coat will be cleaner, lustrous, full of body and grease-free.

What are included in the basic/medicated grooming package?
1) Nail Cutting
2) Paws Fur Trimming
3) Ear, Eyes & Nose Cleaning
4) Degreaser (if required)
5) Shampoo (Normal/Flea/Fungus)
6) Conditioner
7) Hair Revitalizer & Anti-Static Spray
8) Blow Dry

How long does it takes for one grooming session? When should I pick-up my cat?
Grooming duration varies. We expect roughly around 2-3 hours for every cats. Once grooming is done, our staff will notify you via Whatsapp / phone call.

Is there any other info I need to be aware of before sending my cat for grooming?
If your cat has any type of allergies, behavior issues or medical conditions (such as but not limited to epilepsy/seizures, diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, asthma, separation anxiety, flu etc.), it is extremely important that you make the groomer at Catorameow aware of any medical & behavioral issues so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure your cat’s utmost safety and comfort while they are under our care (especially for senior cats aged 7 years old and above).

Can I stay at the shop to watch my cat grooming?
As part of SOP during this pandemic crisis, we do not allow cat parents to stay at the shop more than half an hour.

When do I have to pay when sending my cat for boarding?
Full payment upon check-in. If there are any other add-ons during boarding, payment shall be made during check-out.

What is the check-in and check-out time?
Our recommended check-in & check-out time is 10AM – 12PM. If you are not able to do it within this timing, please inform our staff. Any check-in & check-out should be BEFORE 6PM.

Can I check-in early (before 10AM)?
Yes, no problem. However checking in before 10.00AM will incur an additional boarding fee of RM10. Please inform our staffs in advance so we can plan ahead the schedule.

Is there any extra fee if I check-out after 12PM?
Yes, there is. Checking-out after 12:00PM will begin normal day-care rates of RM1.50 per hour. For example, if you pick-up your cat at 6PM, the charge will be RM1.50 x 6 hours = RM9/room.

Do I need to add flea treatment before boarding if my cat is fully indoor?
Yes, as part of our flea prevention; deflea is a must, there is no exception whether your cat is indoor or outdoor. If your cat has already been applied with flea spot-on treatment just recently WITHIN 1 month of boarding date and has a proper record (stamp by vet or brand sticker) in the healthcard, please let our staff know.

My cat has been vaccinated but I lost the healthcard. Can I still send my cat for boarding?
The healthcard is compulsory for boarding as this is the only way to proof whether your cat has been vaccinated or not. Most veterinary clinics keep vaccine record in their system nowadays. If you don’t have a healthcard, you can contact the clinic and ask them to provide any black & white proof so we can proceed further.

My cat has been fully vaccinated but it is not updated annually. Is this acceptable?
Unfortunately we only accept cats with a proper vaccination record. Please ensure that your cat vaccination is updated before boarding.

Can I bring stuffs such as toys, blanket, and beds?
Sure, no problem! In fact, we highly recommend you to bring your cats favorite items so they can feel at home and more comfortable during their stay! Please check with our staff regarding the sizing to make sure your items can fit in the hotel room.

Is there any playtime during boarding?
Yes, there is. Usually we will let your cat roam around the shop while our staff do room cleaning. Playtime will depends on your cats personality, most of the time we will try to use toys to play with your cat. But do note that some cats prefer their “me-time” alone and love to explore around, so we will let them walk freely. Playtime duration is around 15 – 30 minutes per room. We only let one room to go out at a time. We do not let your cat mix with other cats as there are chances that they might fight.

Do you accept baby/kitten for boarding?
We only accept vaccinated kittens.

What happen if my cat is sick during boarding?
Please understand that Catorameow staffs are not veterinarians and do not have backgrounds in animal medicine. If during your cat’s stay we observed any abnormal conditions such as vomit, diarrhea, flu, or any other illness, we will inform you immediately and consult with the vet. We will then let you know what the vet recommends. If we need to bring your cats to the vet, all medical & transportation fee shall be charged during check-out.

Can I bring wet food for boarding?
Sure, no problem. But please bring wet food in small cans or pouches (less than 85g) because we do not have refrigerator to keep opened wet food. As wetfood can turn bad after few hours, we recommend bringing kibbles (dry food) over wet food.

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